I’ll sing to you stories, we’ll pass the sweet time

My mind is a canvas, your eyes are the rhyme

our love is destined, it’s destined to bloom

it will never stop, it never will stop

i’m Scheherazade

I singled you out, from from the bustling crowd

so that my fingers, could dance on dark skin

your hair is a valley, where my fingers must roam

I never will stop, I never will stop

I’m Scheherazade

It may be a man’s world, but nighttime is mine

to call like a sparrow, and ring like a chime

and you are my guest, inside this candle-lit room

and while we live by the staff, and we live by the rod

I’m just Scheherazade

I’ll always have mystery, something unknown

you’ll always be chasing, but never alone

And when I a grey, still treasured like gold

I’ll still be here, in this sweet spot

I’m Scheherazade